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Bespoke Boxes

Are you looking to find bespoke boxes that fit your products? Our extensive expertise and various bespoke choices can help! Our UK based company offers bespoke boxes for small runs, like PR occasions or one-off item launch packages. We also offer customised choices for flat-packed bespoke boxes, mailing boxes or any gift box of your artwork and choice! The friendly team at BUY Packaging Boxes have an outstanding experience base and can provide you with expert advice for your bespoke box journey.

Our minimum order quantity for a fully bespoke design made to order box is 100. It depends on the size, paper, printing terms and complexity.

Note: if you plan to embark on a bespoke designed box you will need to allow between 8 – 12 working days. A fully bespoke box is not a fast process, in order to achieve the best qualities you want to plan ahead.

From receipt of your order and artwork, we will make a digital proofing with 3d mockup for your approval before final production.

In order to advise you of wholesale pricing, please be sure to give us as many details as possible – use the simple checklist below to assist us best assist you.

As a leading box manufacturer with several years of experience working on major organizations, it’s likely we’ve worked on a project similar to yours or can offer some advice to assist you to achieve the best results.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss the options and clarify any questions you may have.

Please send us artwork, visuals or drawings too. The more details you provide, the more easily we can help you with an accurate price quotation and the best guidance.